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What constitutes Homoeopathic medicine & Naturopathic therapy?
By Cornelis van Dalen

Classical homoeopathy means ONE remedy (the most similar to the disease), and the ONE dose, which is repeated only if required. Follow-up remedies may be required. A thorough case discussion, usually lasting 1½ hours, will reveal the remedy and supporting therapies, if required. Remedies are diluted and energised (succussed) natural substances (herbs, minerals, etc) and are non toxic, no side effects. Remedies support and influence the healing vital force of the body, in part of what is known as the immune system.


Naturopathy is an eclectic system of healthcare, which promotes the body's self-healing mechanism. (The word eclectic means: to borrow freely from various sources.)

To restore the healing force and to effect change for self healing, a three-fold approach is used:
1. Medicinal supplements – homoeopathic remedies, herbs, mineral therapy, Bach Flower remedies, nutrition, etc. This constitutes one aspect of therapy.
2. The application of other external modes of therapy – e.g. acupressure, massage, hydrotherapy (including enemas and baths) if deemed efficacious.
3. The third form of therapy is educational - becoming aware of self in the greater context of life. This means looking at life-style and attitude adjustments to address stress factors, and importantly, exercise and artistic/creative activities. This is building a new pathway of natural and wholesome living through understanding.

New Physis Philosophy

The Naturopathic principle that ‘Nature heals’ is largely forgotten in the world of modern medicine. We have become accustomed to modern drug treatments that override the understanding and realisation of our body’s own healing power. Without this in-built healing power, we would remain in a disease state.

Disease symptoms are an indication of the body’s attempt to rectify some internal disorder. Symptoms are not something to be suppressed with drugs or surgery. The cause still exists.

The patient is seen in the context of health, and not from what dis-ease he or she may be experiencing. It is everyone’s Divine right to be healthy, to carry out our tasks and duties. When ill-health intervenes, we must ask why this has occurred. Emotional outlook is a key to the maintenance of health and has a bearing on the recovery.

“A wise man ought to realise that health is his most valuable possession” Hippocrates - A regimen for Health


Qualifications: (Major) Diploma in Naturopathy (ND) & Diploma in Homoeopathy (Dip Hom)

Background: In 1988, Cornelis began study of therapeutics with the commencement of Radionics and then practical aspects of body therapies. First studied Swedish massage and later Zen Macrobiotic Shiatsu under varies teachers. The study of naturopathy and classical homoeopathy in London UK, completed the cycle of formal learning and qualifications. Underlying this is a lifetime pursuit and study of the mysteries of life, has culminated in a breath of knowledge and experience.

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