Physis + Nature

We need to acknowledge our connection to Nature;
that we are not apart from Her….
New Physis is an expression for the awakening of mankind
& redemption of Nature.



It is everyone’s Divine Right to be healthy, to carry out our tasks & duties.
When ill-health intervenes it is a requirement to restore the healing force
& to effect change for self healing.


Rejuvenation Medicine

Hospitals & medical clinics ought to be called Rejuvenation Centres.
Healing is rejuvenation; to restore; to renew vigour.
The virtues of natural medicine, that which we call Naturopathy, lies in the application of the laws which govern life.
Science looks at substance. Homoeopathic science looks at the effects of substance in the human body.

Thus homoeopathic medicine knows what will happen to the body when the remedy is taken.
This is healing or appropriately rejuvenation.



Here you will find articles, commentaries & links elucidating
the philosophy of living underpinning New Physis.



Naturopathy: the Way of Nature in Medicine and the Art of Homoeopathy