The New World

Posted on 10th April, 2024
The theme is the NEW WORLD. My first girlfriend's mother had a collection of recorded music. That was in the era of black vinyl records which offered a mellow and warm tone to the music. From that collection came the first piece of music which I consciously heard: Antonín Dvorák’s Violin Concerto in A minor, Op. 53. The world of pop, and rock ‘n roll, etc, passed me by. Is this a sadness?

Nonetheless, the purpose here is to introduce the New World. Which world? A New World. Dvoƙák composed in 1893 during his visit to the United States the Symphony No. 9 in E Minor “From the New World”, Op. 95, popularly known as the New World Symphony. Dvorák wrote this symphony to encapsulate the sensation of coming to the new world of the Americas.

The purported discovery of America by Christopher Columbus was in 1492 and whether this is fact or fiction it was the time for a new outlook of the then known world. Something innovative was to emerge from and in the European people. From this time onwards human kind entered a new period of consciousness development. First came the Renaissance, that period of renewal and awakening of Greek antiquities and philosophy. Then came the Age of Enlightenment or the Age of Reason. In this period abstract thinking gave rise to science, as we now understand it, and the application of the discovery of laws of matter led to the Industrial Revolution and subsequent era of materialism (scientific reductionism) and the development of consumerism of our day. This is a potted version of history and the out-breath of the New World, that which emerged from the creative mind of the Gods in men.

We now also have emerging from our current era the conspiratorial element of the New World Order. This relates to a move to create one world government. I mention this because the term New World may invoke in some readers that this is what I am purporting. No, I am not, in fact the very antithesis thereof.

In all my published writing of the past 25 or so years I have used the term: 'the modern world'. Yet we have or we are transcending this concept of the modern world and moving toward a new world. Some may call this a paradigm shift in consciousness being borne out of post consumerism, that awareness of environmental destruction in the rapacious squander of unthinking human behaviour. This has been made more evident by the rhythmic mantras of ‘global warming’ and ‘climate change’ ever such a clever ploy introduced at a time the media was receptive to broadcasting it.

Others would call for the New World to be created as a consequence or as a requirement of the 2012 'end of an era' of the Mayan calendar cycle. Those with a gaze higher than the plasma screen of popular entertainment will see and feel that a change is indeed in the offing. Aside from the potential of societal meltdown through what has been termed around the jargon of 'net zero' and A.I., and any other act of fiscal malfeasance and manipulation of the banking system and nation’s economic wellbeing, there is something else afoot in the world: a genuine need to alter perceptions.

It is not through revolution but evolution that lasting changes are made. This statement comes from the time of the French Revolution which gave birth to the trinity of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. Whatever one’s opinion on the nature or cause of this great conflict between people in the French Revolution, the thrust is the sense of fraternity of people – not the egoic consciousness, the self-centred era we are now seeking to throw off.

Fraternity is a spiritual condition, ‘I am my brother’s keeper’, which the future will bring to fruition. It is perhaps a melancholic’s natural disposition to care for others. In the sense of care and concern for the welfare of others, their health and happiness, is part of one’s own health and well being. In other words, one cannot rest until all are happy; one cannot be at peace if others are not.

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This blog is a marketing ploy, a not so subtle expression of radical discontent with the way of the modern world, and to offer you The Natural Secrets of Health. It is a book hewn from life which thrusts health and healing into an individual’s own hands. This is the new vision. This is the new world. Health, as quoted in my definitions of health, means taking responsibility for oneself. No one can do it for you. No one can save another. We each need to make our own corrections and adjustments in life; in living, in maintaining or gaining health and wholeness. Indeed, we can and ought to seek guidance in these things. This is the role of the physician.

Ever so frequently the use of the word ‘the modern world’ comes up in one’s own writing and in the journals of others seeking to expound some truth or actuality. The modern world is also met with postmodernism as a movement in thinking away from the so-called rational nature of materialistic thought. As in architecture the postmodernist movement sees buildings in relation to other building and not some isolated structural statement. Postmodernism in medicinal practice would see the patient as a product of the whole of life and not some germ or virus infiltration.

Yet, there is something even beyond the postmodernism in health, in living. We have or we are transcending the modern world and moving toward a New World. My own view of the matter is cast in the Light of Nature. What is natural and what is unnatural? Does it matter? Most assuredly. There is a persistent theme to that which is the focus of the thought and this is an urgent need: a persistent need to educate, to explain, to show the ways of the modern world are no longer in the interests of the everyman, even counter to orderly evolution. If you like we are living in a seminal time. But they always say that: the end is nigh.
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PS. This article was orginally published in November 2010. Some edits made to bring the writing up to date, of sorts.....
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