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Crossing the Threshold
Spiritual perspectives on Alzheimer's dementia

The Natrual Secrets of Health      
    Crossing the Threshold

    by Cornelis van Dalen

A highly personalised account on spiritual perspectives of
Alzheimer's dementia, death, and transtition of the soul.....
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Unum necessarium  ...the one thing necessary

Vaccination & the realm of soul experience

Health - it's in the definition

Secrets of the Human body introduction to the programme
revitalising the human spiritWhat is the meaning of Physis?
The Greeks called Nature - Physis.  Hippocrates referred to Physis as that which heals. New Physis is about nature and medicine. Read more..

The Natural Secrets of Health

How would you like to have health, feel well and experience happiness? It is now is within your grasp.
The Natrual Secrets of Health        
      The Natural

   Secrets of Health

by Cornelis van Dalen

The Seven ways to get
    and stay Healthy
         here's how..

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