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How would you like to have health, feel well
and experience happiness? It is now within your grasp.

    The Natural Secrets of Health
               by Cornelis van Dalen
The Seven ways to get and stay Healthy
This book tells you how
This book is about health in a way not told before.
The Natural Secrets of Health
The Natural Secrets of Health
•    It is seven influences on the total effects of how you feel in life.
•    It is seven aspects to consider when you are not well or dis-eased.
•    It is seven ways to quicken your outlook and feel better

In a culture seriously struggling to come to terms with what is healthy and what is not, here is a book that outlines the task simply.

Health is not a matter of just physical measurement. It is often thought of as fitness: to able to run a distance, perform a quantity of isometric exercises, or game of tennis; to be within a specific parameter of weight (body-mass-index or any other concept of measurement); to eat a certain food or avoid alcohol or tobacco is also considered to be healthy.

No, the definition of health is far more benign. Health means wholeness. Health is a process, a step-by-step forward progression of growth living a purposeful life.

The writings of Cornelis van Dalen express the inner urgings that health is attainable, is graspable, and is one’s duty because health is being aware of the responsibility to self.

The Seven Secrets form a unity.
The seven rules are simple
Yet as a whole are a fundamental challenge.
If medical systems and institutions were to enact these seven secrets, hospitals would be places of rest and healing. Medicine would heal as intended. <BUY paper> <BUY eb>

The Natural Secrets of Health is seven ways to get and stay healthy.

•    Breathing Air – we breathe without having to consciously command it. But what we do with the breath is a conscious act of importance in health and wellbeing.

•    Food and Drink – we eat without thinking and when we change this one aspect we heal ourselves. This chapter is the essence of every book written on the subject of food. It distils all the zillion of words into an overarching secret. Food and drink is so essential to living and is also the cause of most illnesses in the world: overeating or under-eating.

•    Activity and Quietude – when we are busy and active there is life in the body and the soul. Over work is not so much the detriment in life, but the secret is balance this with what is termed quietude.

•    Sleeping and Watchfulness – is vital to our overall ability to living a full functional existence. Without adequate and restorative sleep health cannot be maintained. Equally when we are awake watchfulness becomes the secret of happiness: being aware and alert to all that is around you.

•    Excretion and Secretion – contains all the truths of health; we have visible and invisible outpourings – hidden and visible excretion. This secret is the essence of overcoming illness and disease – elimination: to excrete the morbid matter of the body’s functioning, without this daily elimination we remain or move further into a diseased state. The hidden and secret workings of the seven endocrine glands are the guardians of life that govern the human in health.

•    Mental Wellbeing – is psychological health. How does one maintain equilibrium in the demands of modern life? The secret of health is to have order in one’s life and the ability to establish beauty. This brings lasting joy – even in the face of adversity.

•    Spiritual Vitality – the decree ‘Know Thyself ‘ and the economy of life, has been passed to us from the ancient Greeks. It represents the key to happiness and ultimate health. Sickness, it is said, is not only a disorder, but also an imperfection. And one must lead things to perfection, as this is the secret of creation and the destination.

        The Natural Secrets of Health
… ways to get and stay healthy
                by Cornelis van Dalen

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About the author Cornelis van Dalen ND DipHom

Cornelis is an experienced Homoeopath and Nature Cure practitioner, in the classical tradition and
has extensive knowledge of all alternative medical systems. His first published writing was a weekly column on natural foods and health, in the West Indies in 1996. This later enlarged to writing for all the major health magazines in London in the past 10 years promoting natural medicine.

Passionate about Nature and Natural living, he seeks to promote the synthesis of modern consumerist living with that which supports Nature. This is now termed sustainable living. He does all things organic or preferably biodynamic. Was active in natural ways before the word ‘environmentalist’ was coined. He built mud brick houses and used water harvesting and other such ‘green’ technologies now common or mandatory.

Cornelis now writes on health and wellbeing issues for the New Physis Newsletter, and teaches and mentors students in holistic therapeutic education. Holism is viewing and experiencing the human being, not only a physical manifestation, but as an expression of mind (thinking, feeling and willing) and spirit. Body, soul and spirit holistic thinking may well be the evolving future.

The Natural Secrets of Health

… ways to get and stay healthy
                by Cornelis van Dalen

This work is a distillation of years of observation and experiment in living and helping others in health attainment.
Paperback - 8"x5" (230 x 115mm) 12.95 + 5.50 P&P    IBSN 978-0-646-55494-5
  (AUD $19.95 - USD $18.95 - approx value) - all transactions in GBP Sterling.

Book (downloadable PDF file) 7.95

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