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The Portable Home Spa TOTAL SAUNA™

Sauna.jpgHere is a delightful opportunity to own a compact and very portable steam bath. Anyone familiar with Naturopathic medicine will know the importance of steam baths in healing.
With TOTAL SAUNA, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of a sauna in the comfort of your own home. TOTAL SAUNA is specially designed so it can be set up in a just a few minutes with no need for a permanent installation. You can set up and put away your Total Sauna at any time with no trouble at all.

TOTAL SAUNA is an amazing Spa experience in the comfort of your home:

- Ideal to lose weight
- Quick results
- Relaxing effect
- Ideal to eliminate toxins and improve skin appearance
- Ease aches and pains
- Essential for any ‘detox’ and revitalising programme
- It takes up very little space - Fully foldable
- Fast and easy to use

Complete offer includes:
- Sauna - Steam Generator - Carrying Bag
- Slimming diet by Total Sauna

History of Steam
The use of steam for the cleansing of the body and for the healing goes back far into antiquity. The Romans always established settlements where there were natural hot springs. Elsewhere, they constructed elaborate bathhouses in their villas, with sections for hot and cold bathing.
The use of steam baths for healing became popular in the 19th Century with the emergence of Naturopathy. Among the many exponents, Louis Kuhne in his Neo Naturopathy: The New Science of Healing treatments entailed his dietary and bath regimens for healing, but also he recommended twice weekly steam baths to aid the removal of accumulated morbid matter. We would now call this a detox.

Steam baths are pleasurable which make them an even better way to enjoy health and wellbeing.

TOTAL Sauna Deluxe model features variable steam settings & electric timer.
Price 135.00 plus 11.95 delivery charge – UK and NI.

TOTAL Sauna Economy model features auto steamer switch-off.
Price 120.00 plus 11.95 delivery charge – UK and NI.
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