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Autumn 2008 issue #15

The Cleansing Power of Sea and Salt by Cornelis van Dalen salt harvesting

Why is the sea salty? Because if it was not, the sea would be a giant cesspool and life would not be as we know it. Salt cleanses. Life on earth would be a degenerate sludge and slime existence: microbial interludes, festering and decaying. Actually, how far are we from such a scenario given the continued chemical poisoning of the earth, of land, river, sea, air and sky?

But Lo! I seek to heal and make whole. I bring hope and light. Go now to the sea and bathe and then make salt. Salt is the most important substance to human and animal life. Pliny (ca 75 AD) called salt “foremost among human remedies.” The microbial interlopers that threaten life, they die. Salt has power! Don’t tell the NHS and the pharmaceutical companies, the nation will save £100 billion every year! 

Mahatma Gandhi began his pilgrimage for peace and self-determination for the people of India by marching to the sea and with thousands of people following, defying the British Raj and made salt. Salt is essential to human nutrition and health and has been taxed and controlled for thousands of years. Salt trade and transportation routes were everywhere established.

Dr. Jacques de Langre, Ph.D. in his book ‘Seasalt’s Hidden Powers’ writes:
The Belgian historian Henri Pirenne observed that during the High Middle ages, the entire coast of the Atlantic was deserted and the entire continent was thrown into a Dark Age of human under-development. Historians tell us that it was caused to a great extent by the lack of salt in the human diet, the flooding of all salt flats having disabled every salt farm along the coastlines of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. The whole of Europe, therefore, suffered from a salt famine that was to last almost 500 years. The daily average ration fell to less than 2 grams per person and caused many to die from dehydration and madness. … common salt became a luxury but also caused mass population shifts and exodus, lured invaders and caused wars. Mined salt from the depths of the earth was substituted, but the lack of live and balanced trace elements in rock salt lowered the mental equilibrium and intellect level almost as much as the sheer absence of salt.” [1] Fantastic? True?

Sea Salt and healing
“Naturally and properly sunshine-preserved sea salt is the difference between life and death, health and illness, social sanity and planetary panic and its elements are vital for proper body functions. That natural hand-harvested Celtic ocean salt alone helps to maintain life, neutralizes toxins and detrimental bacteria, and enhances all our organic function,” says Dr. Jacques de Langre, Ph.D

Sea salt contains 92 essential minerals and most all refined adulterated sea salts contain only 2 elements: sodium (Na) and chlorine (Cl). Biologically, 24 of these elements in real sea salt have already been proven necessary and essential to maintain and recover health.

A recent public ‘awareness’ campaign forced manufacturers of processed foods to reduce the salt content. Salt makes food tasty for processed food consumers. This campaign is causing people to be fearful of high sodium content products. But this ban also is showing up as ‘sea salt’ free diets and in reality the modern world is falling apart because of lack of sea salt. People are in basic starvation of macro and trace minerals. These biological deficiencies cannot be corrected by refined sodium chloride alone. Sea salt and table salt are two different products. Common salt kills, sea salt heals. The sea and the salt of the sea are two therapeutic agents.

Seawater as blood plasma
René Quinton [1867 – 1925] a French physiologist, whose chief scientific work “L'eau de mer, milieu organique” (Ocean water, organic matrix) was published in 1904. He demonstrated the analogy between the body inner environment, the blood plasma, and ocean water, the medium of all cellular life. He cured tens of thousands of children in France and Egypt with his plasma, derived from oceanic water. He eradicated some of the most virulent diseases of the time in France: infant cholera and gastro-intestinal infections. [2]

This isotonic ocean water has been called by various names: Marine Plasma, Ocean Plasma, Marine Matrix, and Quinton Plasma amongst others. Hypertonic Seawater is the pure undiluted solution that comprises our oceans. Isotonic is diluted seawater (usually 2/3 pure water)

“Historically, Ocean water (plasma) has had, and can have, numerous possible applications. All of these therapeutic uses are based on the same concept of renewing, purifying and regenerating the internal fluid environment, as well as maintaining vital equilibrium….OCEAN WATER is the best support and regenerator for all cell mechanisms.”

The therapeutic use of seawater has been used for every disease and disorder. Here are a few examples: Prenatal Care; Foetal underdevelopment and potential corrective of inherited and acquired immune-deficiencies. Infant Care: Under-nourishment, underdevelopment, premature birth. Paediatrics: Asthenia, anorexia, weight retardation, attention deficit disorders, dyslexia, and more. In respiratory problems, gynaecology, gastro-enterology, colon therapy, bones and joint diseases, sexual dysfunctions, depressions, senility, and more. Isotonic Seawater is also recommended for eczema, urticaria and psoriasis.

Others also talk of treating diabetes and heart arrhythmia with sea salt. There is not, it seems, a condition of body and mind that cannot be ameliorated with seawater. It is apparent then that the minerals of seawater are essential to the health and wellbeing of all life.

Importantly there are no contra-indications, side effects or incompatibility with using ocean water. Only in the cases of high blood pressure, kidney disease, heart disease. In such cases Isotonic "OCEAN WATER" should be employed for several weeks and then one can switch over to hypertonic solution.
What does this mean? Taking small quantities of ocean water, undiluted (hypertonic) and diluted (isotonic) has no negative effects: it heals. The Solution is to be taken orally on an empty stomach 20 to 30 minutes before meals or at least 1 1/2 – 2 hours after meals. The Solution is to be taken pure (hypertonic) or isotonic (diluted in water by 2/3). For children who find the product too salty, it may be taken diluted in some milk or juice.

The Solution may be taken on a short-term basis, over several weeks or months, or regularly year round, according to individual requirements. This product is not classified as a drug but is considered by traditional medicine an energy boosting, re-balancing and regenerating nutritional supplement.

The general dosage is as follows:
•    From birth to one year of age - 10 ml in the feeding bottle every other day
•    From 1 to 4 years of age - 10 ml daily away from meals
•    Over 4 years of age - 10 to 40 ml daily according to the severity of the case
•    Adults - 30 to 60 ml daily according to the severity of the case
•    Elderly people - 10 to 20 ml per day, or as required - over several months

a case of athrepsia
From René Quinton case files:
Athrepsia (poor assimilation): An Infant - 40 days old; weight 2 kg. Veritable skeleton. Treatment: Ocean Plasma. At 2 months and 27 days; weight 3 kg, 980g. The infant was entirely normal at 10 months.

Those salt reduced diets

There are problems with a salt reduced diet so many are recommended to adopt by doctors. High blood pressure is one reason doctors recommend to reduce salt but “sea salt does not raise blood pressure. What raises your blood pressure is usually the common salt you buy from supermarkets. Cooked hot dogs with additives raises your blood pressure. Eating salted potato chips raises your blood pressure. Eating sugar PLUS salt raises your blood pressure.” [3]

Prof Louis Kervran in his radical work on transmutation of minerals in the body makes the important observation of the essential requirement of sodium and chloride. For example, decalcification can occur when saltless diets are prescribed, especially diets without chloride. And decalcification may occur when there is a deficiency of the enzyme which transmutes sodium into magnesium. [4]

The fact the sea is salty and diluted seawater is similar to the blood indicates in principle the need to partake of the sea as sea salt and as seawater bathing, for health and longevity. The many hopeless cases René Quinton healed with seawater certainly indicate the efficacy. Why is it not used more or exclusively for therapy?

Self-help and cleansing with salt
“The easiest way to resolve a lot of problems of trace mineral deficiency is simply adding a small amount of sea salt in a drinking water.” [5]  Add ¼ teaspoon (one quarter) in 1 (one) litre of water. This is drunk as your drinking water. If it tastes salty, even if reduced to 1/8 teaspoon, the water is contaminated. Taking too much salt will cause headaches. Drinking additional water (without salt) will usually rectify this.

In fact, in any headache or pain, drink water as prescribed by Dr F. Batmanghelidj, M.D. Your Body’s Many Cries for Water. In this book, which has hugely influenced modern natural therapies, he points out that there is a loss of salt from the body when water intake is increased and salt intake is not. His rule of thumb is: for every six or eight or 10 glasses of water a day, one should add to the diet about half a teaspoon of salt per day (about 3 grams). Of course, one should make sure the kidneys are producing urine. Otherwise the body will swell up (or worse).

Ted from also discusses the use of 1 or 2 teaspoons of sea salt in a glass of water as a single dose stops cystitis. He claims this has cured many of urinary tract infections and the digestion and other things still remain normal.

“In fact a simpler form of cure for acid reflux, and other complicated disease, people should just first try a 1-2 teaspoon of sea salt in ONE single dose and see if it works. It is a miracle this sea salt and it does kill off unfriendly bacteria. If improvement is seen, but not completely cured, then take it on the SECOND week, one single dose too! On an empty stomach, of course. Sea salt is still a miracle in my book and people should just give it a chance!"

Do not be afraid of salt water. How many times when in the sea swimming have you inadvertently swallowed seawater? Bathing in seawater is recommended for glandular disturbances. The thyroid also benefits and anyone suffering from hypo- or hyperthyroidism will obtain good results. Perhaps the reason people go the seaside in summer has deeper underlying reasons other than a holiday. Thyroid conditions today are in certain respects quite endemic and may well be the result of lack of mineralisation sea salt provides since the widespread use of refined salt (common table salt), especially in processed foods. [6]

Gargling salt water is accepted for mouth cleansing and a sore throat, using salt’s antiseptic qualities. Tepid saltwater sniffed up the nostrils and then followed by clear water is for cases of catarrh or inflammation of the mucosa.

Michio Kushi offers this from Japanese folk medicine: for tired eyes and other problems, moisten the finger tips, dip into sea salt and rub salt into the lids over the eyes. Rinse afterwards.

Some have experimented with the saltwater flush to relieve constipation. The naturopath Stanley Burroughs recommends this in the Master Cleanser. Do this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Add one teaspoon of sea salt (not table salt, not iodized) to 4 cups of warm water. Mix it and drink the entire quart of sea salt water, and it should work within an hour or so. Make sure you’re near the toilet...the flush out can be very fierce...we are told!

Unadulterated sea salt is grey in colour and this is what should be used therapeutically. Seawater looses its properties of destroying bacilli if stored in bottles and when it dries out. This makes the trip to the seaside a recuperative experience.

© Cornelis van Dalen 2008

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Salt as discussed here is for therapeutic purposes, using Oceanic Water or unrefined sea salt. Do not put salt in infant food if infant is under 10 months of age. When the molars appear and the child has learnt to chew, salt may be slowly introduced at this time - one grain at a time. Salt is instrumental for certain aspects of growth, but excess is infinitely damaging.
For adults salt in food is intended to enhance flavour of food. If food tastes salty there is too much salt. If in doubt discuss the matter with a health care professional.

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