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The New Physis Project 2008

The Future of Medicine  
Let’s face the facts. The great scientific advancement in medicine has not increased people’s sense of health. Indeed, if the critics from within the ranks of medical science are to be believed, orthodox medicine may be responsible for more deaths than benefits and for continually putting people into a condition of sub-health with ongoing medication and surgical procedures.
And another truth! Activities to squash alternative and traditional medical systems are increasingly being mounted throughout the world. Governments are coerced to legislate and drive alternative medicine into the pages of history; Homoeopathy, Herbal Medicine, Nature Cure, Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine are the most well-known and widely practised alternative medical systems under attack. Labelling these traditional and enduring medical systems as ‘complementary’ to state-controlled orthodox medicine effectively keeps them from developing and blossoming. 

The strength to master medicine?
However, traditional and alternative medical systems have also become diluted in principle by their practitioners in the modern world, rendering them less than effective. Homoeopathy, for example, has stagnated in the mire of abstraction. Practitioners are unable to rise to the stature of the masters of the traditional systems.
Does this worry you? Are the secret elements of character that once made men masters, forging new developments in medicine, now lost or suppressed?
What are the secrets of those whom history lauds as great healers? What is lacking in medical education and practice in both orthodox and alternative medicine?

Thinking is more than intelligence
What is needed is advancement in our thinking. Our thinking can acquire a new and enlightened approach to health. The problems practitioners face in the treatment of sick can be solved by new discoveries.
Yes, there are new discoveries to be made. Only those who prepare themselves and acquire an enlightened approach to life can be part of a new medicine. If you are restless and will not be content until rightful and proper medicine is practised for the benefit of the sick, whatever that may be, then please join the NEW PHYSIS PROJECT.
Learn of the fascinating subjects which medicine once considered vital to health and wholeness. This considerably enlarges our understanding of medicine in history and what are the requirements in modern times and prepares you for the challenges faced today and in the future. And the critical future is here now!

The Collaborative and the Collective
Participation in New Physis Project FORUM meetings is open to all practitioners of medicine and those who concern themselves with the health and spiritual welfare of people. Monthly forum meetings commence in London in September 2008.
Your enquiries are welcome. Email Cornelis van Dalen at School of New Physis

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