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Summer 2008 issue #14

Electricity and the senses
by Cornelis van Dalen.

This article is intended to follow Earth Energies, Dowsing and Human Frailty in New Physis Newsletter, #12 Spring 2007. Here we wish to look at the effects of Electro-Magnetic Radiation (EMR) on the human being. It is also called Electro-Magnetic Fields, EMF. It must be remembered that we are electrical organisms, since each body is composed of atoms and all atoms are electrical units.

In April of this year two media stories emerged. One was of groups of people suffering from cancer, called cancer clusters, who were living around mobile phone masts. The other story in the ‘must have’ section of the newspaper was that the square mile of London will from Monday next be WiFi’ed – do one’s e-mailing, internet surfing, anywhere, anytime, without wired connections – for a small fee of course.

It was earlier reported that schools, which had installed WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) computer connections, had students experience health problems. Kids were off sick or experienced nausea, had headaches in the presence of the radiations from the WiFi in the classroom. Commercial interests and the incessant need for people to walk in the streets checking stock market reports, emails from girlfriends or the latest news from CNN, are all ‘must have things’ in the square mile of London, through which figuratively speaking flows 90 per cent of the world’s financial transactions, and is now also filled with added EMR for phone/internet connections.

In 1924 Rudolf Steiner commented on the effect of radiant electricity as negatively affecting the human being and preventing or perverting his evolution. In that time it was all so simple compared with what is now abounding invisibly around us. Electricity is the flow of electrons and is at a lower frequency of vibration in the spectrum of EMR. Electricity is at a higher frequency in radio waves, microwaves, X-rays. Modern science and technology have evolved uses for the latter. So many uses that many would not perceive life as possible or worth living were it to be ‘switched off.’ But think about the following quotation from Steiner in response to a farmer’s question ‘is it permissible to conserve masses of fodder with electric current?’ Strange?

“You must consider the whole part played by electricity in Nature. … to the effect that human beings cannot go on developing in the same way in an atmosphere permeated on all sides by electric currents and radiations.  It has an influence on the whole development of man. This is true; man’s inner life will become different if these things are carried as far as now intended. [1] It makes a difference whether you simply supply a certain district with steam engine or electrify the railway lines. Steam works more consciously, whereas electricity has an appalling unconscious influence; people simply do not know where certain things are coming from. Without a doubt, there is a trend in evolution in the following direction. Consider how electricity is now being used above the earth as radiant and as conducted electricity, to carry news as quickly as possible from one place to another. This life of men in the midst of electricity, notably radiant electricity, will presently affect them is such a way that they will no longer be able to understand the news which they receive so rapidly. The effect is to damp down their intelligence. Such effects are already to be seen today. Even today you can notice how people understand the things that come to them with far greater difficulty than they did a few decades ago. …. Now you must not forget that electricity always works in the higher organisation, the head-organisation both of man and animal; and correspondingly, on the root organisation of the plant. If, therefore, you use electricity in this way – if you pour electricity through the foodstuffs – you create foodstuffs which will gradually cause the animal that feeds on them to grow sclerotic….. Electricity, once for all, is not intended to work into the realm of the living – it is not meant to help living things especially; it cannot do so. You must know that electricity is at a lower level than that of living things. Whatever is alive – the higher it is, the more it will tend to ward off electricity. It is a definite repulsion. If now you train a living thing to use as a means of defence where there is nothing for it to ward off, the living creature will thereby become nervous or fidgety, and eventually sclerotic.” [2]

One needs to consider this in a historical perspective and view the current state of human consciousness and the overall health of all animal and plant life in the light of the effects of electricity – radiant energy. Below is another quotation from recently Internet-posted information on the effects of ERM from mobile phone masts. The University of Essex, UK, sought to conduct a trial into the effects of radiation on volunteers  – whether they could detect if the radiation was switched on or off – you know, that double blind trial sort of thing – the basis upon which reductionist science exists. The result of the study “finds health symptoms aren’t linked to mast emissions.” [3] The study has been heavily criticised as flawed.

Some know they are sensitive to radiation – from specific radiation to all electronic gadgetry, microwave ovens, high voltage power lines and so forth. This sensitivity is dismissed by the proponents of mobile phones, WiFi, and such developments, but clusters of cancer deaths around phone masts, and previously to that under high voltage power lines, have alerted some people to its detrimental effects. Slowly or more importantly through action groups, the attitude to ERM is being changed.

One Brian Stein wrote his own testimony of the University of Essex trial. Verbatim: “I was made permanently worse (after the first one hour session); I had to pull out of the remaining tests. Although double blind I knew when the mast was on. How, I bled internally for two weeks. That is what happens to me when I get too close to a mast for too long.”

“I used a mobile phone for 15 years. 14 years not a problem, no issues. 15th year. Severe pain in my head and ear, only when I put the mobile to my head. Why is my pain, psychosomatic? … Although I cut down on using my mobile I did not stop completely. Why? Good question. I was assured by all it was only temporary and like a fool I believed the scientists, the medics, the media.”

“Then, one day putting the mobile to my head an explosion in my ear. So much pain I could not bear the mobile to my head. This can’t happen! Thereafter, the weird experience I had over the twelve months earlier using a mobile phone, I started to experience in front of my computer, in front of my TV and in my car.”

“This developed over time to ordinary phone, video, washing machine, dishwasher, etc. Whatever damage the mobile phones/microwaves can do had been done to me.”

The poignant comment Stein makes is that the tests for electromagnetic sensitivity are such as to preclude the very sensitive. No one in the medical and/or allied scientific specialities takes the matter seriously, he claims. In a sense, it is the dilemma of material science that it cannot rise above physical matter. The facts as presented by Rudolf Steiner in 1924 would most certainly be laughed at. It is only blockheads like me that know Steiner is correct!

Brian Stein too knows the far-reaching consequence of electro-sensitivity (ES). Medical specialists applying the usual tests could not determine why he was bleeding in the gut. They refused to take stool sample, which says Stein is the most obvious way of determining if he was telling the truth.

Research has shown that ERM from phone masts, mobile phones, microwaves and so forth, do disrupt genetic blueprints – their effects are geno-toxic, single and double stranded DNA breaks, damage to chromosomes and reductions in melatonin secretion from the pineal gland. Tumours of the brain, mouth, ear, eye are seemingly increasing under the influence of ERM. As Stein comments, its ‘probably psychosomatic.’ This facetious comment is understandable after his experience with the scientific experts. 

Stein’s health problems arose out of cumulative effects of long-term exposure. In the face of increasing use of ERMs for communication and gadgets in daily living and the conduct of business and of the state, what is the answer for the continued orderly evolution of humans? For a moment I contemplate Earth without noise from aeroplanes, cars, construction, machines for gardening; contemplate the world without satellites, phone masts, radio, TV, and even electric cables above and below ground. As Steiner too recalled in 1924, even before that in the agrarian age, what one could hear and perceive – how one could think – what impediments were in front of the thinker? Where I am now sitting, the birds singing and the tree leaves rustling in the breeze would all that would be perceptible? Would that be Bliss?

What now, my loves? How does one offset audible and inaudible noise, pollution, electro-smog? One must seek the stars – journey higher into the spiritual realms to seek strength and wisdom. The one who can overcome the effects of EMR and the nerve shattering effects of modern life is one who succours from the Divine Offering in the spiritual realms. It is evident that the more one is in harmony (attuned is another way of expressing this) the more one is aware of EMRs. But you will find that the way to offset the sclerosis which Steiner predicted, and which Brian Stein was in effect suffering from to prove this effect of EMR, is to maintain a simple diet, eat electron rich foods (a.k.a. Johanna Budwig’s flax oil) and of course minimise the exposure – especially to children. Send then outside, eat dirt, climb trees, build castles.

Cornelis van Dalen 2007

1. This comment was made by Steiner in 1924. What would he have said of the current blanketing of the Earth with EMR and its effects on the inner development of humankind?
2. Rudolf Steiner, Agriculture, Bio-Dynamic Agricultural Association, UK, 1974, p. 153
3. The results and commentary found on the following web sites. 1. <<>> , a French organisation with translation services bringing you the latest developments and news on the hazards. Sign up for emails. 2. <<>> , explanatory articles and links provide good information.

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