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Autumn 2008 issue #15

The inspiration for writing articles for this edition was essentially to provide everyone with knowledge of healing substances which are close to hand. In other words, folk remedies used throughout time. Honey, salt, cider vinegar, plant life in the hedgerows, fields and forests of Europe and common or garden herbs, are generally available to all and provide each with a medicinal kit. Why? When used with love and intention and a measure of knowledge they can and do transform the sick into health. It is Nature’s way to provide nutriment for conscious individuals.

The reality is our consciousness is being forced to change. It is preferable that this is an enlargement or raising of consciousness. The rapidly altering basis upon which the financial aspects of our society operate is challenging sensitive souls. American sociologist Paul Ray suggests 15-20% of European people want to bear personal responsibility for their way of life and feel responsible for what is happening to the earth. This reflects the acknowledgement of the ecological foundation of their existence. It is this group who initiate change and are open to a paradigm shift. [1]

Yet within this group there is still struggle to consciously forge new ways of thinking and be receptive to new impulses. It is a necessary repetition to say that today’s food offers little for human conscious existence; modern food cannot support higher consciousness in human existence that is required in these times. Yet nearly one hundred years ago at the time of giving his course on Agriculture, Dr Rudolf Steiner was asked why it was that despite the vast output of thousands of lectures and many books was not being followed up properly, he replied that is was a question of nutrition. Food needs to carry sufficient forces to allow the will to be active enough.

Humanity is being put upon in a most sly way: humanity is being desensitised into functioning below the level of machines. Any grasp or shred of the spiritual cognition has to be fought for, more than ever before. Even in daily life a slamming door, the ringing of a bell or telephone jars the nerves in a stressed individual. We must consider what we eat is our individual future.
We have to lift ourselves to higher planes of thinking and being – the future of earth and hence humanity is now at a pivotal phase! Be mindful of this task and seek the best.


Cornelis van Dalen
October 2008

1. Peter Blom, Chairman, Triodos Bank, the Netherlands. ‘The Bottom Line’, New View #49, 2008

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